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How Can We Help You?


Maybe there's an older adult in your life experiencing cognitive or physical issues. Or maybe you are stressed by the endless options in eldercare and the healthcare system. Are you overwhelmed by care and decision-making for a loved one? Do you find yourself not even knowing where or how to start? We know it's a rocky road. You don't need to do this alone. Let us help.

Placement Assistance

The choices in residential care are many. Whether you are thinking about assisted living, dementia care, independent senior living or skilled nursing, how do you find what will best serve you and your loved one? We will help identify the right level of care and then help you find the best fit based on:

• what matters most to you and your family

• current and future care

personal preferences

• location

• budget

Eldercare Consulting

There is so much going on. You are trying to balance family, work, and supporting a loved one. Wouldn't it be helpful to have someone cut through the never-ending options, anecdotes, and advice? This is where we come in. We will help you sort through all of it, create a realistic step-by-step plan to navigate the many decisions you will face, and help you access appropriate, vetted resources.

We arrange visits at your chosen communities, personally accompany you on tours, and coach you to ask the right questions. We track every facility's compliance with state regulations, so you are assured that you're choosing from the best in your area. Our research is second-to-none. This is information you need to have.

Family Coaching

Making decisions for a loved one is a challenging process. It's understandable that families aren't always on the same page. Emotions run high, and objectivity can be lost in a sea of grief, worry, and family dynamics. We can serve as a neutral party to facilitate difficult conversations among family members, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to speak their point of view.


With something as complicated and important as elder care, it's critical to have someone who is on your side -- to help ask the right questions, sort through all the information and choices, and act as a sounding board; someone who is your advocate. We are that someone.

Boomers Today Podcast

Founder Frank Samson interviews experts on a wide range of subjects related to aging, concerns of adult children, legal and financial issues and more. Listen to our podcasts at:

7 Signs that your family may need help:

• Poor or declining personal hygiene

• Unsafe behaviors such as unlocked doors, stove left

left on, water running

• Spoiled or inadequate food in refrigerator

• Unpleasant odors in the home

• Stacks of unopened mail, unpaid bills

• Confusion about time and place

• Escalating family disagreements about care choices

What Our Families Say About Us:

"You were great, Senior Care Authority! Thanks so much for all your help. My mom really appreciated you coming to the residential care home the night my dad arrived. Thanks again! "


"Adam was so helpful during a very difficult time for our family. He knew exactly what we needed and took care of all the details. His kindness and expertise were invaluable. I would recommend Adam and Senior Care Authority to anyone who needs assistance with an older relative who needs care. Mom is adjusting to her new home and we know she is safe and well cared for."


"I needed an advocate to sort through multiple doctors and disconnected records. I was too upset by my husband's illness to handle it myself. Senior Care Authority worked with me to make sure that information was complete and understandable. Their attention to detail was the best I could hope for. "


Contact Us Today You will be met with kindness, understanding, and all the information you need to get started.

SENIOR CARE AUTHORITY® David Stamberg, Senior Care Advisor (201) 564-7997

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